May 1st Deaths

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May 1st, 2008 (May 01 2008)DeathAnthony Mamo, Malta s first President (born in 1909)
May 1st, 2008 (May 01 2008)DeathDeborah Jeane Palfrey, Washington, D.C. prostitution service owner (born in 1956)
May 1st, 2006 (May 01 2006)DeathBig Hawk, American rapper (b.1969)
May 1st, 2006 (May 01 2006)DeathJohnny Paris, American saxophonist (Johnny and the Hurricanes) (born in 1940)
May 1st, 2006 (May 01 2006)DeathRob Lacey, Christian Author. (born in 1962)
May 1st, 2003 (May 01 2003)DeathMiss Elizabeth, American wrestler (born in 1960)
May 1st, 2000 (May 01 2000)DeathSteve Reeves, American actor (born in 1926)
May 1st, 1998 (May 01 1998)DeathEldridge Cleaver, American activist (born in 1935)Eldridge Cleaver Quotes
May 1st, 1994 (May 01 1994)DeathAyrton Senna, Brazilian race car driver and three-time F1 world champion (born in 1960)Ayrton Senna Quotes
May 1st, 1993 (May 01 1993)DeathPierre Beregovoy, French Prime Minister (born in 1925)
May 1st, 1993 (May 01 1993)DeathRanasinghe Premadasa, Prime Minister of Sri Lanka (born in 1924)
May 1st, 1990 (May 01 1990)DeathSergio Franchi, Italian tenor (born in 1926)
May 1st, 1989 (May 01 1989)DeathSally Kirkland, fashion editor at LIFE (born in 1912)
May 1st, 1989 (May 01 1989)DeathDouglass Watson, American actor (born in 1921)
May 1st, 1986 (May 01 1986)DeathHylda Baker, English comedy actress (born in 1905)
May 1st, 1986 (May 01 1986)DeathHugo Peretti, American songwriter and record producer (born in 1916)
May 1st, 1982 (May 01 1982)DeathWilliam Primrose, Scottish violist (born in 1903)
May 1st, 1978 (May 01 1978)DeathAram Khachaturian, Armenian composer (born in 1903)
May 1st, 1976 (May 01 1976)DeathAlexandros Panagoulis, Greek poet who fought the military junta in Greece (born in 1939)
May 1st, 1976 (May 01 1976)DeathT.R.M. Howard, civil rights leader, entrepreneur, surgeon (born in 1908)
May 1st, 1970 (May 01 1970)DeathCrown Prince Euimin, Crown Prince Korea (born in 1897)
May 1st, 1968 (May 01 1968)DeathHarold Nicolson, British diplomat, author and politician (born in 1886)
May 1st, 1968 (May 01 1968)DeathJack Adams, Canadian ice hockey player, coach and general manager (b.1895)
May 1st, 1965 (May 01 1965)DeathSpike Jones, American band leader, musician, and comedian (born in 1911)
May 1st, 1963 (May 01 1963)DeathLope K. Santos, Filipino writer, Father of the Philippine National Language and Grammar (born in 1879)
May 1st, 1945 (May 01 1945)DeathJoseph Goebbels, Nazi Minister of Propaganda (suicide with his wife Magda Goebbels) (born in 1897)Joseph Goebbels Quotes
May 1st, 1943 (May 01 1943)DeathJohan Oscar Smith, Norweigian Christian leader and founder of Smith s Friends (b.1871)
May 1st, 1937 (May 01 1937)DeathSnitz Edwards, American actor (born in 1868)
May 1st, 1935 (May 01 1935)DeathHenri Pelissier, French cyclist (born in 1889)
May 1st, 1913 (May 01 1913)DeathJohn Barclay Armstrong, Texas Ranger and U.S. Marshal (born in 1850)John Armstrong Quotes
May 1st, 1904 (May 01 1904)DeathAntonin Dvorak, Czech composer (born in 1841)Antonin Dvorak Quotes
May 1st, 1899 (May 01 1899)DeathLudwig Buchner, German philosopher and physician (born in 1824) Philo Quotes
May 1st, 1873 (May 01 1873)DeathDavid Livingstone, Scottish missionary (born in 1813)
May 1st, 1813 (May 01 1813)DeathJean-Baptiste Bessieres, French marshal (killed in combat) (born in 1768)
May 1st, 1772 (May 01 1772)DeathGottfried Achenwall, German statistician (born in 1719)
May 1st, 1738 (May 01 1738)DeathCharles Howard, 3rd Earl of Carlisle, English statesman (born in c. 1669)
May 1st, 1731 (May 01 1731)DeathJohann Ludwig Bach, German composer (born in 1677)
May 1st, 1572 (May 01 1572)DeathPope Pius V (born in 1504)
May 1st, 1555 (May 01 1555)DeathPope Marcellus II (born in 1501)
May 1st, 1539 (May 01 1539)DeathIsabella of Portugal, queen of Spain and empress of Germany (born in 1503)
May 1st, 1308 (May 01 1308)DeathAlbert I of Habsburg (murdered) (born in 1255)
May 1st, 1240 (May 01 1240)DeathJacques de Vitry, Cardinal-Bishop of Frascati and dean of the Sacred College of Cardinals
May 1st, 1118 (May 01 1118)DeathEdith of Scotland, first wife of Henry I of England (born in c. 1080)
May 1st, 0408 (May 01 0408)DeathArcadius, Eastern Roman emperor (born in 337/338)

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